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Our dedicated team takes the reins of your brand's social media channels, ensuring a strong and engaging online presence. But that's not all – we empower you with invaluable coaching sessions to skillfully manage your company's online identity. For those looking to deepen their social media prowess, our tailored classes are perfect for small groups. Experience the full spectrum of our social media expertise and propel your brand to new heights.

Management: This service is for the brand or business that needs someone else to run their social media accounts. Whether social media is foreign territory or there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, this option is available for businesses that require regular posting, content ideas, community engagement, quarterly reports on account progress, etc.​

Coaching: For business owners and brands that need an accountability partner who is able to offer ideas, strategies, and tools for managing their own online presence, the consulting service is the best option. You remain in control of your brand and social media accounts and while implementing the strategies learned from


Education: Social media is a melting pot compiled of applications with features and hidden gems that many never uncover. Inquire about workshops and courses through


Contact 218 MEDIA SPACE and let's take off together!

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