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Unlock the power of customization by selecting two or more of our premier services to create your own unique package.


Astro Package: Elevate your online presence with a choice of social media and/or professional writing services. Tailored to your needs, this package ensures your brand shines in the digital cosmos. Includes one of each of the Social Media, Website, and Professional Writing options on our Services page. (Example: (1) Career Highlight + Website Portfolio + LinkedIn Profile Update or New Page; (2) Bio + Website Portfolio Update + Facebook Business/Professional Page)


PR Plus Package: Harness the synergy of social media and PR consulting components. With this dynamic combination, you'll receive expert guidance to amplify your brand's communication strategies and reach new heights. Includes one of item under social media services and two items under PR Consulting. (Example: Facebook Posts + Press Release + Media Talking Points)


Design a package that suits your brand goals and launch your journey toward success with 218 MEDIA SPACE today. Let's take off together!

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